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Does landlord can charge letting fee from tenant?

Does landlord can charge letting fee from tenant?

Landlords or any letting agent aren’t liable to charge fees to tenants. This includes charges of renewal or extension of any tenancy.

Letting Fees

Letting agents can charge to the landlord for the services they are providing, but they can’t charge their letting agent fees from tenants, as they are not allowed to do so.

The landlords any agents sometimes incur costs from the tenant as a part of assigned sublet or part with possession of a property. They may seek reimbursement from tenants for the costs as long as they are reasonable to the tenant at Canning Town E16.

What does a letting agent do?

A letting agent acts like the landlord’s agent at the time of granting or assigning a tenancy. They make a living from renting or by managing the properties and usually work for a company of property management.

Letting agents offer services like:

  • advertising rental properties
  • holding open homes
  • reviewing applications from potential tenants
  • preparing tenancy agreements
  • doing the initial property inspection

Key money

‘Key money is a kind of money which is not rent or bond and this is asked by the landlord to the tenant to pay it as a grant or make the changes in tenancy.

Landlords aren’t allowed to charge the key money. They can charge in an exception which is known as ‘option fee’. This money which tenants give to the landlord to hold the property at the time of taking the decision of whether or not to rent it.

The maximum which can be charged for an option fee is a week’s rent, and if the tenant decides to rent the property the landlord has to refund the option fee and put it as a rent.


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