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Duties of landlord you must know.

Duties of landlord you must know.

LA landlord can be any person who rents out the property at Stratford E15 which is owned by him under lease or a license which is shorter than seven years. There are some duties of landlord which apply to a wide range of accomodation, occupied under a lease or a license which also includes not exclusively :

The premises of residence which is provided for rent by :

  • Authorities of local area
  • housing associations
  • Landlords of Private Sector
  • housing co-operative society
  • hostels

Let in availability of rooms

  • bedsit accommodation
  • private households
  • bed and breakfast accommodation
  • hotels

Holiday accommodations available for rent

  • chalets
  • cottages
  • flats
  • caravans
  • narrow boats on inland waterways

There are many variety of landlords available that provides services according to their convenience.

Short-term landlord (less than 28 days): They apply duties of landlords no matter where the property is let out for not more than seven years.

Long-term landlord (more than 28 days but less than 7 years): The landlord applies the duty where the has been let out for less than 7 years.

Long-term landlord (more than 7 years): If there remains an implied tenancy arrangement, like accommodation which is provided as part of job like vicar, publican then we would recommend you that you must carry the landlord’s duties for the property.

Letting/managing agent (agent):

The contract of management must be clearly defined who is responsible for the maintenance, safety of gas, checking of duties and other associated record keeping. When the contract clearly mentions that the agent is responsible then the same duties under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 which also applies to the landlord which apply to the agent. If the contract is ambiguous the duties remain the responsibility of landlord.


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