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How estate agent works and their required key skills

How estate agent works and their required key skills

Agency which offers various services of property industry and involves the buying and renting of the property. The estate agents can specialize in a particular market of property like commercial or residential real estate.

The various roles of an estate agent which contains the elements of marketing, sales and administration responsibilities of the estate agent includes :

  • Cooperate with clients to market the properties in the efficient manner to increase the value of sales.
  • To handle the enquiries about properties from the potential customers.
  • Leverage value of property.
  • To produce the reports, brochures and promotional information and various other written material.
  • Travelling to properties and conducting viewings.
  • Negotiating the sale and letting of properties.
  • Administering and securing the disposal and acquisition of property and ensuring that it is completed legally.

Estate agents also become a chartered surveyors and also follow the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and also follow the ethics and professional standard requirements but they will be qualified to perform the surveys and the valuation of the properties. The stratford estate agents are specialize in agency and their roles will incorporate many responsibilities of an estate agent. Not all the surveyors can play a role of estate agent whereas there are many other areas where property surveyors can work.

Key skills for estate agents

  • Selling and negotiation skills.
  • Must have ambition, charisma, and drive.
  • Require excellent communication skills with the ability to maintain a positive relationship with colleagues and clients.
  • Efficient organization skills to deal with various property at a time.
  • Ready to take responsibility as estate agents and likely to afford or engulf great which is a responsibility taken by him.

Willing to travel and not only work in an office and must have a driving license complete.


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