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How Real Letting Agent Works!

How Real Letting Agent Works!

A letting agent is the one who find suitable tenants for the property on behalf of the owner who hires him. The agent commences the process only after understanding the requirements of the owner which may include the rent rate, and various other needs like to whom they want to give their house on rend. The valuation done is usually of no charge.  While providing the tenants, the agent charges the estate agent fees.

Once the rate is got settled between you and the agent, the advertisement will be marketed in search of tenants. The advertisement comprises of various things, like pictures, location, price, terms and conditions and other relevant details which a tenant must know before giving the property a thought. The ad can be posted via print media and various websites as well.

The main role of agent is to show the property to the tenant and inform the owner about the prospect and the relevant offers which are made on the property. They work as a mediator in negotiating with the tenant and owner before the agreement between the two parties is signed. The prospective tenant may offer a lower amount or may ask for some extra facilities like furniture etc.

The moment owner and the tenant get settled down on a agreement the agent will give the tenancy agreement, which will perform as a legal contract between both the parties. All of these formalities are done by the agent via phone or post so any of the parties need not to actually visit the property or meet the tenants.

This is becoming really common these days as people are migrating to other cities for the various career opportunities and so they require a temporary place to stay. This work is being done online most of the times and sometimes done through personal contacts. If you are looking forward to become letting agent, their is a huge scope in it.


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