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Roles and Responsibilities of good Managing agent

Roles and Responsibilities of good Managing agent

If you are living in a block of flats no matter if it is small or large built unit whether they are leaseholder who subjects to the payment of the service charges they aim at providing the basic guidance on how to appoint and employ a managing agent, then this blog absolutely benefits you. It is particularly relevant if you are a director of residential management or you have the duty of managing the company.

Introduction :

The owners of flat may acquire management responsibilities in various ways: the acquisition of the freehold of the building through the statutory right to manage or just by a delegation of the responsibilities attained by management from the landlord. No matter what the route is the management is normally exercised through some form of the residential management company (RMC)

RMC will assume the responsibility for managing and repairing of the building and the East Ham managing agents are obliged of the lease and the wide range of the relevant statutory requirements. They are also assessed for how to achieve the best of this via self-management or with the appointment of a professional managing agent.

We hereby tell you what is the suitable guidance and what are the roles of the managing agent which consists of legal advice, specific problems which should refer directly to any of the contributory organization as appropriate where they did not assist and you are recommended to take advice from a solicitor.


Today, the roles of a managing agent are very complex and they require a professional approach. In order to carry out the roles which are required the knowledge of landlord and tenant law, building construction, health and safety regulations, and basic accounting, etc. There are many benefits of approaching professional management which is balanced in exchange for the fees which leaseholders have to attain.


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